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Bonjour Paris

The popular web site has added a feature where world-famous authors are invited to share their first impressions of Paris and to describe how the City of Lights has changed for them over the years.  My input was the second selected.  On the site, scroll down to the current posting of "Le Première Fois" ("The First Time") and click on it.  Scroll down to my essay, "A Paris Memory by Ed Cobleigh" found with an image of the cover of "The Pilot"  The posting includes photos and is in English or at least my version thereof.

Central Coast Writers Conference

Literary lion Diane Donovan published a review of The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris on her web site as well as on the Midwest Review of Books.   To check it out, click on this link;  The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris  for a laudatory yet inciteful review.  An excerpt follows:

"Readers of military fiction might expect this story's fine aviation missions and descriptions; but may be surprised by the added romance revolving around a female character who could be a spy. Readers used to romance may find themselves unexpectedly falling in love with Paris itself. And those who enjoy blends of different facets in a story that engages in battle on more than one level will find The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris embraces more than a singular approach."

Held at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA, the Central Coast Writer's Conference takes place 29 Sept-1 Oct 2016.  Check it out at It's one of the premier writers' conferences on the Left Coast.  I'll be on the facility, dispensing sage advice and bons mots.  The three day event includes workshops, seminars, critique sessions, networking, food, and book sales. Yea!.  It's a great way to meet and get to know pro writers, agents, literary personalities (that would be me), and fellow scribblers in a relaxed academic environment.  What you won't find are English profs as evidenced by the lack of punctuation (no apostrophe) in the official title.

Review of The Pilot

Audio Book Now Available
How many times have you been flying commercial, bored witless and thinking, "What would liven up this flight is some exciting air combat"?  How often are you stuck in traffic during your daily commute or droning along on the highway and wishing you were in Bangkok instead of wherever you are at the time?

Well, your salvation is at hand, or rather at ear.  War for the Hell of It: A Fighter Pilot's View of Vietnam is now available as an audio book.  The book is narrated by a real pro, not me, as who wants to hear a book read by Gomer Pyle.  You can access the audio version through the book's home page on or at  If you have already wisely purchased the Kindle version, you can Whispersynch the book for the tidy sum of $1.99.

Now for a one-time-only good deal for you, G.I.  What about a free audio book?  Free as in no charge, freebie, rien, nada, gratis.  All you have to do is agree to post a completely honest, candid review of the book after hearing it read.  Interested? Email me through the contact page on this site and I'll hook you up.

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