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"Fast Eddie" puts you in the cockpit, in air combat, and in romantic Paris 

   Readers obviously need more aviation adventure tales, so I launched five sorties into the rarified air of literature.

War for the Hell of It : A Fighter Pilots View of Vietnam

(a #1 Amazon bestseller) is an account of my futile attempts to win the Vietnam War.

The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris is a literary aviation novel featuring air combat from WWI to Desert Storm plus a love affair spanning the skies of time set in romantic Paris.

The First Fighter Pilot-Roland Garros: The Life and Times of the Playboy Who Invented Air Combat

(a #1 Amazon new WWI book) is a creative biography of an aviation pioneer who invented the fighter plane and an account of life in the Gilded Age leading up to WWI.

Fly with the Falcon: Love, Loss, Liberty is a novel about sexual harassment in the USAF (I’m against it) and peregrine falcons (I’m for them). How do these two dissimilar themes co-exist in one book. There is one way to find out. 

And I Lived to Tell the Tales; The Life of a Fighter Pilot completes my memoir mission. The book is a compilation of flying stories depicting a fighter pilot's life in peacetime. The tales are mostly true. The book is an Amazon #1 bestseller.

My qualifications for such demanding writing missions? I flew several types of jet fighters logging the same number of landings as take-offs. I fought 375 combat missions. After peace broke out, I instructed fighter pilots from a dozen allied nations. When not flying, I was imbedded in the intelligence world developing a unique set of skills which I applied to my books. Perhaps more importantly, I am not unmoved by a pretty face.

In my books, I depict a fighter pilot’s life on the ground and in the air, their aircraft, their lovers, and their times.

Strap in and let’s go fly fighter planes.  Click on the button below to go to my home page on, and to read free Kindle excerpts.

Also available in hardcover/softcover through bookstores and For autographed copies, reach me through the contact page. No sales tax, free shipping, and a money-back guarantee.  

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